Firm Profile

Studio Legale LEONE-TORRANI e ASSOCIATI is one of the most important law firms practicing administrative and tax law in Milan.

SIts practice is, in fact, broken down into four divisions: Environment, Territory and Healthcare; Integrated Services, Licenses and Contracts; Taxation; Civil Law. The working method adopted by the Firm is the formation of working groups for each mandate in order to ensure continuous interfaces with the client.

The LEONE-TORRANI e ASSOCIATI Law Firm acts as permanent legal advisor to major Italian and foreign business corporations (operating in the iron and steel, electricity, energy, telecommunications, chemical/pharmaceutical, insurance and real estate sectors), Italian banking groups, the Milan Commodities Exchange, individual firms operating in the healthcare, environment and integrated public services sectors, state and private Universities in Milan, partially State-owned companies operating in the power industry (electricity and gas and renewable sources of energy), construction firms and Ecclesiastic entities. Its clients also include publishing houses, associations and private freight and shipping companies, public authorities at national, regional and local level, municipal corporations and companies licensed to provide public services.

The LEONE-TORRANI e ASSOCIATI Law Firm was founded in 1985 by its senior partners, Gregorio Leone and Pier Giuseppe Torrani. Presently it employs 20 people. A rigorous selection process ensures that only the most highly qualified lawyers join the Firm. Lawyers in the Firm work as professors at Italian Universities and at training schools for government officials.


The LEONE-TORRANI e ASSOCIATI Law Firm specializes in administrative law.

The Firm assists clients both in and out of court

In its extrajudicial practice the Firm assists its clients in the definition of relations with their counterparts, with the public authorities (Government Ministries, Regional and Provincial Governments, Municipalities, etc.) and also with the independent regulatory Authorities based in Milan, Rome and Naples in so far as concerns [more ]... all matters pertaining to the restraints and the administrative procedures established by such Authorities, both in the conduct and the definition of the various administrative processes (town planning instruments, building licenses, permits, general authorizations, individual licenses, calls for tender, etc.) to be followed and, ultimately, in the drafting of the contracts, memoranda of understanding, scheduling agreements, master agreements and/or town planning agreements designed to regulate the relations established between the parties involved and with the public authorities.

In its extrajudicial practice the Firm is also required to render legal opinions and conduct due diligence evaluations, while in its judicial practice it assists its clients mostly before Administrative, Audit and Special Tribunals, but also before the Criminal Courts, Civil Courts and Tax Tribunals, in cases in which aspects of administrative law assume relevance, and the European Courts in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg.